I've written this page about 200 times in my life and the simplest way to put it is - I'm a story teller. 
I've spent the last decade of my life telling stories - the story of two families coming together, the story of a local company growing to a national brand, the story of a high school senior readying themself to adventure into the world. The stories of life. 
I capture authenticity, genuine souls, and the honest truths of this life we share. I don't like to force a photo, and my images aren't all that posed. I like to let kids be kids and not every image has to feature a smile. I want to tell the story of authenticity. I want to tell the story of family, without boundaries, and without exclusions. Single dads and single moms, families with moms and dads, families that love their kids, and kids that love their family. 
I am always booking because the story never stops being told - drop me a line and we can start telling your story today.
- Zach St. Ward
Seattle | Nashville Based Photographer
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